Video Roundup—Top 13 Viral Videos of All Time

1) Talking Dog                                    

This is definitely the cutest video you’re going to come across, and we can definitely understand why it went viral. The guy just talks to his dog about everything he has had to eat, and each time he says that he ate something, the dog yells with pain, like why didn’t you give me some!

This is definitely one of the funniest talking dog videos out there and is guaranteed to make you chuckle, which is why it makes our list!

2) “Benji, Who’s your best friend?”

There is nothing cuter than this video of a dog choosing his best friend. This video is surely going to make your heart melt. We bet that by the end of this video, you will choose the same best friend!

3) Dogs Singing

Who doesn’t love dogs singing? Well unless they are doing it in the middle of the night! This video features the greatest dog song ever sung, with dogs dancing and barking to the sweetest jams of the 90s.

4) Dog Reunited with Owner after 2 Years Apart

This video is guaranteed to bring some tears in your eyes, and you won’t be able to stop watching it either. It features a man who had to give his dog (Chaos) up when hard times fell on him, and his friend took his dog in, but later refuses to return him.

Luckily, Chaos was given up by his friend to a dog shelter, which is where this man found him after two years! Witness the amazing reunion, which is going to make you cry like a baby.

5) Dog Is Hilariously Bad At Game

This video features a dog who is hilariously bad at a game of ‘Finding the treat under the cup’. Although you shouldn’t feel so bad, because we are sure that the dog got plenty of treats afterwards.

6) Quincy and Patrick Barnes – Ultimate Dog Vine Compilation

This is another classic dog video, featuring an owner and his dog howling and growling together. It is definitely going to touch your heart.

7) Give me a Kiss

This is another very funny dog video, where the owner tries to kiss the dog, but is unable to do it because the dog keeps moving away.

8) Babies and their Dogs

Babies and dogs are a sure fire recipe for viral videos, because they are loved universally. This video features a little boy trying to play fetch with his dog, but the dog doesn’t want to move.

This video may actually convince you to get a dog for your kids, it surely made us feel that way.

9) Man’s Best Friend 

Dog’s are man’s best friend, and this video features the amazing bond between a dog and a boy. If you didn’t already know how awesome dogs were, you will definitely know about it when you get to the end of this video. You won’t believe how amazing this video is till you actually see it.

10) Snow Slide

Funny dog videos will always go viral, and this one makes the list because it is downright hilarious. It features a baby, whose parents are trying to film, but here comes the dog scooting across the snow, catching everyone by surprise.

It is definitely worth checking out if you want a good laugh.

11) Sometimes You Have To Go

Everybody loves swimming, even dogs! This video features a girl, who is playing in her kiddy pool, but the dog also wants to join in the fun, but the girl isn’t having any of it.

The dog finally gives up and decides to go to the bathroom instead of the pool, where no one will throw him out. We guarantee lots of laughs in this viral dog video.

12) Way too Happy

This viral video features a cute dog that is bound to make you sad and happy at the same time. It is incredibly sweet, and has got so many views it will do your head in. The video features a girl who has been gone for an eternity, and when she comes home her dog completely loses it.

The dog is so excited that it actually falls down and faints! Then when everyone gets concerned with the dog, up he gets and showers the girl with all the love he can. This dog is definitely way too happy to see their owner after so long.

13) Guilty Conscious Anyone?


Well, researchers can claim that dogs don’t feel guilt, but video evidence suggests otherwise. This video perfectly captures the guilty conscious of a Golden Retriever (Denver), who eats up all the treats, and when his owner finds out about it, he simply can’t look into his eyes.

This video racked up an insane amount of views, because apparently everyone knows how guilty dogs can get when they do something bad, and know the familiar feeling of their dog trying to make it up to them when they have been really naughty, and did something they shouldn’t have done.

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